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Latest Update 12/8/20

According to Greek law from the 17th of August and on, all passengers flying to Greece from Spain, Sweeden, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium must carry with them a negative Corona virus test (PCR test) conducted up to 72 hours before their arrival to Greece.

Latest Update 16/7/20

We are happy to inform you that in our continuous effort to offer as much convenience to our guests as possible we have launched an online check in functionality! Please click the link below to check in online:

Latest Update 30/6/20

Starting the 1st of July 2020 according to Greek law all passengers need to fill their Passenger Locator Form (PLF) until the day before entering the country.

You can find the link of the PLF form below: 

As we are going through this Coronavirus pandemic, we thought that it would be worthwhile to give you here some important information regarding the situation in Greece. We have included our Coronavirus cancellation policy for our guests that would like to cancel their trip and our special booking policy for those who wish to stay with us in the summer of 2020. Furthermore, we are touching upon the measure we have taken at Erofili Apartments in order to protect our guests and staff members from this pandemic. Finally, we outline protective measures and best practices as instructed by the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection and the World Health Organization.

Your safety is our top priority.
Dear Erofili Guest,

We are fully aware that the current Coronavirus situation has substantially affected your life and your intent to fulfill your travel plans. Here at Erofili Apartments like everyone in the international travel community, we are doing our best to navigate through this unprecedented situation.

Following the announcement of the Greek government, from March 14, all apartments and hotels are obliged to postpone their opening date in order to avert the spread of Coronavirus.

Here at Erofili Apartments, we are doing the best we can to stay positive and prepare for an even higher level of service when travel restrictions are lifted.

Having all the above in mind and understanding that the current situation is beyond anyone’s control we have listed our cancellation policy for those that have already booked with us. We have further listed our flexible cancellation and payment policy for the ones that wish to book their stay at Erofili Apartments and experience the beautiful island of Crete in 2020.

I have already booked my stay in Erofili for 2020 and wish to cancel my reservation
In case you have made a non-refundable reservation:

Taking into consideration the current situation we have decided to be fully flexible with our guests that wish to cancel their reservations due to Coronavirus.

We have decided to waive any cancellation fees for our guests that wish to cancel.

In case you have paid 50% of the reservation amount as a deposit, it will be regarded as a voucher for a future stay till the end of 2021.

In case you have paid 100% of the reservation amount 50% will be regarded as a voucher for a future stay while the remaining 50% will be refunded to you.

If you have made a reservation directly from our official website and wish to cancel please reach out to us at and we will send you instructions on how to redeem your voucher.

In case you have made your reservation through an agent please reach out to us through their platform and we will assist you there with your request.

I would like to book my stay at Erofili in 2020
Having taken into consideration the current uncertain situation, here at Erofili we are doing our best to offer as much flexibility to our guests that would like to stay with us this summer as possible. We hereby present you the following booking and cancellation options for the summer of 2020:

You can book your stay at Erofili on our 3 days fully flexible Coronavirus rate with the possibility to cancel your reservation without any fees even up to 3 days before arrival.

You can book your stay at Erofili on our 24 hour fully flexible Coronavirus rate with the possibility to cancel your reservation without any fees even up to 24 hours before arrival.

Our actions to keep you safe during your future stay at Erofili Apartments
We follow the guidelines and instructions of Greek health authorities and the World Health Organization
We have already shared information and given specific instruction to all our Erofili team members with regards to the Coronavirus
We have already upgraded our cleaning protocols in line with the instructions of local and international authorities about Covid-19
We pay special attention to surfaces most likely to spread the virus such as door handles, buttons on the elevator or guest cards & card terminals and apply systematic disinfection
We further plan to install dispensers with alcohol-based hand sanitizer in our public areas to offer to our guests
Masks and gloves are at the disposal of our guests if requested. We have further made the use of gloves compulsory for our cleaning team
In the case of a confirmed Coronavirus case on our premises, we have prepared a detailed plan of action to properly care guests that have been infected. After the guests’ departure, a strict and meticulous cleaning and disinfection protocol will be carried out.

How to protect myself and my loved ones from the Coronavirus?
There are some important guidelines you will need to follow in order to protect yourself and your family from the Coronavirus.

Wash or clean your hands meticulously and often.
By washing your hands as often as possible using soap, you make sure to get rid of viruses that might be present on your hands which in turn helps you to refrain from being infected. Additionally, make sure that you avoid placing your hands in your mouth, nose, and eyes without first cleaning them thoroughly as you risk being infected.
Avoid getting in touch with people that exhibit the new Coronavirus symptoms such as cough, fever, or sneeze.
If you have symptoms like the ones described above or treating a person that is sick, please refrain from getting in touch with elderly people or people that suffer from chronic disease.When you cannot avoid it, please make sure that you clean your hands frequently and thoroughly as well as use masks. If you need to know more on the use of masks and recommendations on personal protective equipment please visit the website of the World Health Organization

Please click here for a complete list of guidelines from the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection.


This short video from the World Health Organization offers advice on protective measures against the Coronavirus

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